Quick GRC-to-HTML demo

This is a part of my sdr_snippets repo,containing a bunch of little hacks around Software Defined Radio.

Specifically, this is a quick, somewhat janky demo of the GNU Radio GRC-to-HTML thing I put together recently. This allows you to include GRC files directly into HTML pages with native HTML elements. This allows people to interact with them like web pages, including zooming and scrolling.

This is a very, very rough zeroeth draft. I probably shouldn't even be sharing it, but I thought it was interesting enough to put out there early. The javascript is pretty awful, and there are a bunch of things which are unsatisfactory. However, the idea is the key thing I want to show people: we can put flowgraphs into normal webpages, instead of taking crappy screenshots of the things.

Another neat thing is that you can put multiple of these into the same place. Here, for instance, is a drop-down that lets you call up any of a handful of GRCs I've uploaded with this directory. Again, they're rough looking, but the idea is the key thing

Select a flowgraph to render:

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