This is a trivial note-grabbing webpage script. It's intended to be bookmarked in your browser boookmark bar and on your phone's home screen, to allow you to quickly scribble a note to yourself from anywhere. It has no security, and is write-only (you need to manually copy out the .txt files it creates). This is great for me, but may not be so good for you.

It's meant to be there to transcribe little ideas I had over the course of the day, accessible from a button on my phone's homescreen or a browser bookmark.

Also possibly interesting: I kept a fairly detailed log of idea_php's creation process, mostly as an experiment in doing so. It was kind of helpful, but kind of got in the way, so I'm contemplating ways to make that process smoother.


You can check out a copy with git clone . It's an undertaker project; see that webpage for more on the philosophy behind those.


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