A really, really basic Morse code/CW trainer for the Linux CLI.

Released into the public domain, because it's so simple, it's borderline not-actually-copyrightable.

It's intended to be run on a large terminal, while you do something from the other side of the room. It doesn't do anything but play morse code and then print the letter on the terminal window.

There may be a nearly-useless demo video up at

You can check out the source code via a git clone of cwdrill.git/ under this directory ("Copy link target" and git clone it).

The program is in code/; go in there and run

You'll need to have cwwav installed (see as well as banner(1) (on Ubuntu and probably Debian, try 'sudo apt-get install sysvbanner').

I'm pretty sure I just spent longer writing this readme than I did on writing the program.

Good luck. If it's broken on your system, you may keep all the pieces.